How to run a Retreat in Daily Life

On this page you will find a range of documents you can download which will give you a clear guide to setting up your own RIDL in your local area. This includes the Manresa Link members database to allow you to find and contact the nearest potential prayer guides. You can also download example documents to adapt for your particular retreat. If you have other examples that you feel would be helpful to people, please send them (as Word documents) to the Manresa Link secretary.

• Organising a RIDL - planning

• Finance and safeguarding

• Example running orders for the opening meeting:

• Example handouts for imaginative prayer and Lectio Divina:

• How to organise supervision (coming soon!)

• Example running orders for the closing meeting:

• Example feedback form

• Suggested Scripture passages

• Expenses claim form

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Gill Jones speaks of her experience of running a RIDL for the first time, and offers some encouragement to those of you who may be thinking about it: