Retreats in Daily Life

Retreats in Daily Life are organised within towns, work-places, colleges, parishes, local areas etc., and we aim to work ecumenically with as wide a cross-section of participants as possible. 

The retreats entail praying privately each day for a period of time, plus regular meetings with a trained prayer companion. They are rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola - a series of Scripture-based, Christ-centred meditations and contemplations which help us to explore our felt experiences both during and after prayer, so that we can learn how to discern and know God’s action in our lives.

Retreats begin with an introductory meeting for all who are taking part. Retreatants are introduced to some ways of praying which they may like to use during their retreat. They then arrange a mutually convenient time and place to meet with their individual prayer companion. At these meetings, which usually last for about half an hour, the conversation focuses on the retreatant’s felt experience of prayer. The prayer companion will also suggest readings and approaches to prayer for the next week. There is a final meeting for everyone which concludes the retreat.

The retreats are usually spread over a number of weeks, with companions and retreatants meeting individually each week during that period. 

For more details about retreats, please contact us.