Manresa Link members' meetings and associated resources

Bi-annual meetings

Our bi-annual meetings are a great opportunity for catching up with old and new friends. There’s no need to book, and they are free to full members of Manresa Link.

AGM & Input Day 2019

Our next meeting is on 14th September 2019 at St Paul's Convent, Selly Park Road, Selly Park, Birmingham B29 7LL from 9.30am (for 10am start) to 4pm.

Please bring a packed lunch; drinks will be provided. Parking is available next to the Conference Centre and another space beyond. The day is free to Manresa Link members; guests will be asked to contribute £10 towards costs (if affordable)

The AGM will take approx 30-40minutes followed by the input/sharing led by Fr Kevin O'Rourke SJ, following up on last year's theme (Intimacy, boundaries and skills in healthy relationships)

Resources from the September 2018 meeting with Fr Kevin O'Rourke can be found here


1. List of resources for this workshop

2. Skills for celibate living (Falkenhain)

3. Ten elements that support Celibacy (Sipe)

4. Skills for celibacy (Pable)

5. Chastity case studies

6. Boundaries in relationships

7. Eight types of intimacy

8. Three approaches to affective maturity

9. Can friendship be dangerous?

10. The Invitation

11. The prayer of a priest on a Sunday night 

Priority reading

1. Sexuality and Intimacy - your sexual story (Luisa Safiotti)

2. Israel’s spirituality of sex

3. Questions for reflection (Luisa Safiotti)

4. Seven ways of dealing with sexual feelings (one page from Krenik’s book)

5. Lessons from John Jay Report (Monica Applewhite)

6. Tell God the truth about our sexuality (Bill Barry S.J.)

7. Cybersex Addiction: excellent short (two-page) article on addiction to pornography

8. Intimacy and Healthy Affective Maturity (McClone)

9. The slow work of God

10. Book (scanned). Formation for Priestly Celibacy (Fr Thomas Krenik)


1. Affectivity overview

2. Neuroscience and Pornography 

Other resources

1. Reading list and online resources for affective maturity

2. Booklet: Your Brain on Porn

3. Sexuality, Intimacy and Celibacy - Chapter from book Sex, Priestly Ministry and the Church (Len Sperry)

4. Boundaries in Ministry (Fortune)

5. Healthy Sexuality Model (Fiberg & Laaser)

6. Boundaries Guidelines

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