Basic Training for Accompanying Pilgrims through the 19th Annotation

The 19th Annotation is a programme that enables people to experience the full Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in daily life, instead of in a 30-day residential retreat.  In recent years there has been a decreasing number of people able to deliver this programme in the Manresa Link area.  But, in the recent past a number of Manresa Link members have expressed interest in training to deliver this programme.

Our first step in making this possible is a two-day workshop in April (17th-18th) to explore the Spiritual Exercises, and issues about presenting them. We had hoped this would be held be at St Mary’s convent in Handsworth, but we now expect it to be on Zoom.  We will request contributions to the cost of doing this, based on the cost per person to Manresa Link, but as always it will be on the basis of what you can afford – no-one will be turned away for financial reasons.

If you then proceed to deliver the 19th, you would do so under group or one-to-one tutelage.

If you are interested in taking part in this process, please email your application the Secretary of Manrea Link, John Price, at:  [email protected]

Who is this training for?
To apply, you need to have:
1)  undertaken the full Spiritual Exercises yourself, either residentially or in daily life
2)  a reasonable level of experience of guiding/accompanying others, and
3)  if/when you start to accompany someone through the 19th Annotation you will need to be in regular spiritual direction.

You would also be welcome to join this process if you are already experienced in presenting the 19th Annotation but would like to “refresh”.