Art and Prayer - An Introduction

In the words of St Theresa of Avila, “Now let us return to our beautiful and delightful castle and see how we can enter it.”  (Interior Castle)  There are many ways to enter the castle of our inner life and prayer, where God is present in our soul. This podcast offers some ideas about art and prayer.  

Lectio Divina is a practice of meditating on one word or a phrase from Scripture that strikes the heart.  Hearing the word that is meaningful in that moment, the person praying gently meditates on that word, allowing it to ruminate within, and to give rise to connections within daily life.  The time of meditation within the Lectio Divina prayer can be deepened with the use of art materials, as illustrated in the video clip.   

This time of prayer may conclude with a period of resting in God’s presence, simply enjoying being there, in the way that a person might sit before a beautiful sunset, their whole being content to just look and take it all in and savour that moment of grace.